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The All American Lemonade Stand Cookbook

A Top 100 Bestseller on Amazon, The All American Lemonade Stand offers a primer for kids to become small-business owners in their own front yard! 

Tired of mowing lawns, walking dogs, babysitting and car washing but want to make some money? Not old enough to work a “real” job? Become an entrepreneur and start YOUR OWN BUSINESS. 

Learn the ins and outs of turning your lemons (lack of cash) into lemonade (profit).

Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Shannon will guide you through the steps of turning a lemonade stand into a profitable first-business venture for kids. Filled with business tips, terms, recipes, and advice, The All American Lemonade Stand is the perfect answer to "I'm Bored!" this summer. Teaches basic business concepts and terminology, including calculating costs, profits/losses, safety, branding and marketing, interest paid, and making change. Recipes included! Order your copy today!